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The New Year is just a few weeks away, and with it will bring a whole slew of changes. One of the best changes to undergo is getting a new vehicle to complement the new you for the New Year. If you’re looking for a good quality vehicle for the new season of the car market, you may want to consider getting in the driver’s seat of the Hyundai Sonata from Lehman Hyundai in Miami. You can take on anything the road may throw you when you have the Hyundai Sonata because it’s a sedan that is perfect for family or for personal use. The Hyundai Sonata has a plethora of convenient features and reliability ratings that are hard to beat. You can be rest assured that the new Hyundai Sonata from Lehman Hyundai in Miami will rise up to whatever high standards you may have. Lehman Hyundai itself is a dealership that is customer driven and has both new and used Hyundai vehicles for sale in their inventory. Lehman Hyundai has a wide array of top-of-the-line new and used vehicles for you to choose from to make sure you can find the one that can meet your daily needs. So don’t wait! Come see the fantastic Hyundai Sonata as well as a plethora of other Hyundai vehicles at Lehman Hyundai in Miami today!

Convenient Performance

When most people think of a new car, they can get caught up in specs that won’t actually help them in their daily commute. What will actually help is first looking at the performance and practicality of the vehicle. Luckily, the Hyundai Sonata from Lehman Hyundai was designed to contain both of these features! The Hyundai Sonata even has an Eco trim that is equipped with a 1.6-liter Inline Turbo engine that can generate up to 178 horsepower while giving you maximum fuel efficiency. So say goodbye to having to spend all of your cash on gas; with the Hyundai Sonata, you can drive past the gas station a lot more!For those who like both a mixture of efficiency and power, the SE, Sport, and Limited models of the Hyundai Sonata are designed with a powerful and practical 2.4-liter Inline engine that can bring you up to 185 horsepower. This engine, paired with a six-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTTRONIC technology, gives you more power while maintaining an excellent efficiency that is sure to sonata in miami performance

Advanced Interiors

While the specs under the hood are important, the interior is also high quality when it comes to the Hyundai Sonata in Miami. There are several different standard and available technologies for the Hyundai Sonata to keep you entertained, connected, and comfortable. These features start with an eight-inch Touchscreen Navigation System, voice-recognition, SiriusXM Travel Link, Android Auto, HD Radio, Bluetooth hands-free technology, and much more!hyundai sonata in miami technology

Protection and Safety

No matter what vehicle you may be interested in, safety is by far one of the most important features you should look at in a new vehicle. The Hyundai Sonata from Lehman Hyundai in Miami has plenty of these features available to steer you away from trouble while  on the road. These features include Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross-traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, a Rearview Camera, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, and even a Rear Parking Assistance System! The Hyundai Sonata was also designed with an advanced airbag system to protect you when all else fails. This system consists of advanced dual front airbags with an occupant classification system, driver and front passenger side-impact airbags, side-curtain airbags for front and rear passengers, and even a driver’s knee airbag!hyundai sonata in miami safety

Get Started Today!

When you find yourself in the car market of the New Year, make sure to check out the new Hyundai Sonata offered by Lehman Hyundai in Miami. Let this quality vehicle add some convenience as well as fun to your life on the road with its practicality, reliability, performance, and safety features you are sure to love! Get started now by visiting Lehman Hyundai’s website!
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